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Minnesota Academic Science Standards


Our programs are designed to enhance your curriculum and go hand-in-hand with the Minnesota Academic Science Standards.

During an in-school field trip, students are given the opportunity to use the same tools as a working scientist, including but not limited to: magnifying glasses, thermometers, graduated cylinders, scales, and balances. Students use these tools when experimenting to classify, measure and compare their observations. Access to these tools takes students beyond gathering data and helps to extend their senses.

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Curriculum aligned programs
for grades K – 2nd

Homemade Fun©
Standard: – Practice of Engineering
Understand that some objects occur in nature and others have been designed and processed by people.
Explore the world of shelters. Build your very own igloo and bird nest that you can eat!  Learn about caves as we make our very own stalagmites. 

Scientifically Science©
Standard: – Physical Science
Observe that objects can be described in terms of the materials they are made of and their physical properties.
Have FUN as we watch material properties change right before our eyes! We will shake things up as we get hands-on with our matter mix-up and investigate what we find with REAL magnifying glasses! From floating rings to bubbling potions, we will uncover the mystery of why matter matters!

Weather Wizards©
Standard:, – Earth & Space Science
Understand that weather can be described in measurable quantities and changes from day to day and with the seasons.
The forecast for the day is FUN as students transform into mini-meteorologists! We’ll discover the science behind our Planet’s incredible weather systems as we uncover the reason for the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall…this program has it ALL as we experience thunder, touch lightning & more!

Primarily Plants©
Standard:,, – Life Science
Understand that living things are diverse with many different observable characteristics.
This field-trip is sure to turn your students into a class of smarty plants! Find out what all plants need to survive & thrive on our planet. Explore the world’s ecosystems, the five laws of nature, different types of seeds & how they all play their part to nature’s delicate balance. Discover osmosis & diffusion and get a hands-on look while extracting real chlorophyll! Feed the needs of seeds as you build your very own greenhouse to keep!

Survive & Thrive©
Standard: – Life Science
Understand that natural systems have many components that interact to maintain the system.
Prepare to embark on a WILD scientific adventure as we investigate the traits and characteristics that make the animal kingdom so diverse! Discover what makes fur, feathers, bird beaks, and blubber so amazing! Make a birds nest to keep and much more!      

Standard:, – STEM and Society
Understand that systems are made up of components that act within the system and interact with other systems. Scientists use tools to gather information and solve problems.
Get the facts…on those natural acts! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes. Learn about our changing conditions which cause these phenomena. Have FUN as we make them happen in your classroom.

Standard:,, - Earth Science
Observe the different physical properties of solid rocks, sand, and soil.
Get the "dirt" on Earth's underground layers and apply the pressure as we create our own igneous rock! We'll go on a gem panning expedition & uncover Earth's hidden treasures of real gems, rocks & minerals! Students transform into mini-geologists as they sort, test & investigate all that they find. Everything you keep!    

MN & Me©
Standard:,, – Life Science
Understand the environment that meets the needs of plants and animals native to Minnesota.
Discover the incredible science of the state we call home. From food webs to habitats, we'll learn about the native plants & animals that call MN their home, too. We'll dissect the relationship between predator/prey with the help of some owls! In the land of 10,000 lakes we'll dive into some cool regional ecology.

Cycle Babble©
Standard:, – Life Science
Understand that plants and animals undergo a series of orderly changes during their life cycles.
When it comes to science, sometimes there's a change in plans! Have FUN as we investigate the life cycle & witness some of Mother Nature's coolest magic acts via metamorphosis. From birth to adult, these animals prove that growing up is FUN to do! Follow a ladybug as it grows up, build your own edible cocoon, spin a spider web & more!

Design Time©
Standard:,, – Practice of Engineering
Discover that engineering design is a process of identifying a problem and devising a product or process to solve the problem.
Do your engineering skills stack up? Join us as we design & create buildings & bridges with a mixture of materials. Play our archi-tricks game and test the strength of your bridges. We will challenge your creativity and problem-solving skills. Don't let the "suspension" get the best of you!

What’s the Matter©
Standard:, – Physical Science
Understand that objects are defined by their physical properties and can be changed. Materials react in different ways.
This field trip focuses on what really matters…hands-on FUN! Get ready for a hands-on property party celebrating matter & the changes it makes! Have FUN with the properties of solids & liquids as we race ‘em, spread ‘em and mix ‘em. Start your engines & join the molecule races, explore evaporation rates & create real chemical reactions that you get to take home! This program includes the HTHT fan-favorite, Space Mud!

Invisible Forces©
Standard:,,, Physical Science
Observe Newton's laws and understand that the motion of an object can be described by its position over time, and changed by push or pull forces.
Discover the invisible forces of air pressure and magnetism! Prepare to push the pedal to the metal as we hold our very own magnetic car race! Find out what tricks we have up our sleeve as we get the job done learning about inertia, push and pull & more!

Weather or Not©
Standard: - Earth and Space Science
Understand that weather can be described in measurable quantities and changes from day to day and with the seasons.
Calling all future meteorologists! Have FUN as we explore the many different types of weather that affect our planet.'s time to bundle up as we make our own wind chill! Discover how weather conditions can change and what influences our local weather each day. Students will learn through hands-on investigation as they make their own bubble atmosphere, experiment with wind bags, and make anemometer pinwheels!

Rainforest Safari©
Standard:,, – Life Science
Observe the different characteristics of organisms, the interacts within and between systems, and the lifecycles of plants and animals.
Join us on an exciting adventure through the Rainforest. Visit the numerous stratifications and learn all about the animals that live in this ecosystem. Which is your niche as we investigate herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and more! Build your own rainforest to keep. Become a tribal shaman and make medicine.

Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

Curriculum aligned programs
for grades 3rd – 5th

The Real McCoy©
Standard:,, – STEM Significance
Discover men and women throughout our history that have been involved in engineering design and scientific inquiry.
Join us on a fun filled adventure as we discover several very famous African American scientists. Learn about their incredible contributions to science. Have FUN as we do some real cool experiments while honoring these great scientists.

Sounds Like Fun©
Standard:,, – Physical Science
Understand that energy appears in different forms including sound and light.
Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sweet sound of science! Have FUN as we tune into the different types of sound and discover how sound travels through different media. Students will be picking up good vibrations as they get hands-on with sound waves, make salt dance, send water flying & build their very own ear drum to keep!

Zoom to the Moon©
Standard:,,, – Earth and Space Science
Explore the different positions of the moon compared to the Earth and understand how the solar system works.
Discover the patterns of our living planet! Have FUN as we reach for the sky and get a feel for the clouds…literally! Make a real impact as we become Crater Makers & find out how delicious the phases of the moon can be. We’ll study the planets, the Moon, eclipses & more through FUN, hands-on investigations.

The Chain Gang©
Standard:, – Life Science
Understand the structure and function in living systems. Define different organisms, how they interact, and what adaptations they might have.
Join the chain gang, the food chain that is.  Explore ecosystems, dissect an owl pellet, learn how a bee pollinates a flower and more!

Inventor’s Closet©
Standard:,,,, – Practice of Engineering
Discover how engineers design creations that improve society and solve problems.
Step into the world of really cool inventors.  Get gassy as we expand marshmallows with Avogadro, and discover Gertrude Elian as we make a liquid tick tock between a color and clear. You’ll be going in circles as we meet Walter Frederick, the inventor of the Frisbee!

Matter Matters©
Standard:,, – Physical Science
Understand that objects are defined by their physical properties and can be changed. States of matter have unique properties.
It’s just a matter of time until your classroom transforms into a scientific laboratory! Get ready to investigate the properties of matter including solids, liquids & gasses. Find out exactly why matter matters as we discover bubbling potions, watch air take up space, speed things up with our evaporation races & more! Chemical reactions have never tasted so good as we make our own science ice cream…YUM!

The Heat Is On©
Standard:,,,,, – Physical Science
Understand that energy appears in different forms including heat and can be transformed within or between systems.
Things are about to heat up as we investigate the transfer of energy! Have FUN as we get energized & discover how light and heat absorb & reflect. Become conductors as we encounter heat transfer, conduction, friction & more!

Dig It©
Standard:, – Earth and Space Science
Understand the Earth's structure and that rocks are Earth materials that vary in composition.
Students will become junior geologists for the day & find out why science really rocks! Set out on a mining expedition as we go searching for rocks, minerals & real gemstones. But the FUN doesn’t stop there… students will dig deeper & perform 6 different geological tests & then classify their findings! Everything you find…you keep!

H2O to GO©
Standard:, – Earth Science
Observe that water circulates through the Earth's crust, oceans, and atmosphere in the water cycle.
Hop on board and ride the water cycle with us!  Create a storm, touch the clouds, and take a journey with a water droplet.  Discover what drives the cycle and how plants can thrive in a terrarium!

The Body Shop©
Standard:, – Life Science
Explore the defense systems of the body and how they function.
Step out of the pediatrician’s office & into the systems of the human body! We’ll explore our bones & discover the blood cell factory that lies within. Experiment with the body’s reflexes, find out what makes us tick as we dissect real cow guts & more!

Standard:,, – STEM Significance
Discover how tools help scientists do things they could not otherwise accomplish.
Take a trip to another dimension as we explore the mechanical structure of a robotic arm. Ignite your creativity as we experiment with size, shape, and weight with our color bot! Learn about the technology behind 3D printing and how it benefits medicine, science, and even food production. Take home your very own original 3D creation!

Newton’s Day at the Park©
Standard:,, – Physical Science
Observe how an object's motion is affected by forces and Newton's laws.
Create an Amusement Park in the classroom with the help of Newton’s Laws of Motion! Students will discover why amusement park rides are so much fun by designing a racecar, learning about the forces of a pendulum and finally building a rollercoaster.

Extreme Scene©
Standard:, – Earth & Space Science
Understand the Earth's structure and explore extreme environments.
Journey though the Earth's extreme environments! From super cold to super deep, we'll discover the amazing adaptations that help animals to survive & thrive in their ever-changing habitats. Have FUN as we shine some light on bioluminescence, build an igloo, and more!

Energy and Me©
Standard:,, – Earth & Space Science
Explore different energy systems and how humans interact with those systems.
Join us as we shed some light on what happens when energy and matter collide. Have FUN as we heat things up investigating the Sun's energy and learn the basics of solar power. Get a hands-on look at our planet's water cycle and erosion then reach for the sky as you touch a cloud! Get energized as we whip up a chemical concoction, explore the electromagnetic spectrum, and go on a search for ultraviolet light.

Standard:,,, – Life Science
Define differences between organisms and how they interact within natural systems.
Are you ready to explore Earth's incredible ecosystems? Students will set out on a scientific safari to discover the amazing habitats that can be found across our planet! Have FUN as you build your very own rainforest, coral reef & more!

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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